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DSC Alexor PC9155 2-Way Wireless Alarm Control Panel
The DSC Alexor PC9155 is a 2-Way Wireless Panel with 32 wireless zones, 16 wireless keys (without using a zone slot), wireless quick enroll. 16 user codes, 1 master code and 1 maintenance code. Altern...
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DSC PC1864 Alarm Control Panel
DSC PC1864 PowerSeries 8-64 Zone Control Panel with 8 on-board zones; Expandable to 64 hardwired zones; Expandable to 32 wireless zones, 4 PGM outputs: expandable to 14 (PC5204, PC5208). Connect up to...
  Click for more Information     Base Price  $144.00
DSC SCW9047 Self-Contained Wireless Alarm System
DSC PowerSeries SCW9047 Self-Contained Wireless Alarm System which has an aesthetically pleasing design with the smallest footprint of any self-contained wireless alarm system currently available. Bui...
  Click for more Information     Base Price  $320.00
DSC1616 Alarm Control Panel
POWERSERIES 6-16 ZONE CONTROL PANEL 6 on-board zones; 16 hardwired zones; 16 wireless zones; 2 PGM outputs: expandable to 14 (PC5204, PC5208);Connect up to 8 supervised keypads; 2 partitions; 500-ev...
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DSC1832 Alarm Control Panel
POWERSERIES 8-32 ZONE CONTROL PANEL 8 on-board zones; 32 hardwired zones; 32 wireless zones; 2 PGM outputs: expandable to 14 (PC5204, PC5208); 8 keypad zones supported; 4 partitions; 500-event buffe...
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MAXSYS PC4020 Control Panel
MAXSYS PC4020 16-128 Zone Control Panel has 16 zones on the main control panel and is expandable up to 128 zones using hardwire, wireless modules and addressable zones; Supports up to 16 hardwired key...
  Click for more Information     Base Price  $340.00