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IOCB1616 Input/Output Control Board

IOCB1616 Input/Output Control Board has 16 inputs and 16 outputs which can be used for custom applications to connect additional devices within the access control system. Inputs can monitor contacts on readerless doors, motion sensors, push buttons, or other sensing devices. Outputs can activate CCTV cameras, burglar alarm system, lights, HVAC, parking lot gates, or other devices. Single or multiple inputs can be assigned to trip single or multiple outputs-either open collector or optional form relays-using any of the 7 different modes that include timers, delays, or pulsing. Time zones can be assigned to activate and de-activate inputs or outputs. Includes an enclosure with ample room to mount various IOCB1616 board configurations for flexible installation and wiring. The access control unit communicates to the IOCB1616 boards via RS485 over twisted pair cable.
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