Access Control for Condos and High-Rise Residential Buildings

Building security is a major focus for many condo and apartment buildings, especially in mixed-use scenarios that include office or retail space.  It can be challenging to achieve a balance between function and appearance that will be welcoming while still maintaining the safety and privacy of residents.  A properly planned access control solution can provide a plethora of benefits while reducing costs and liability issues, which allow your tenants to enjoy peace of mind.

Centralized Control and Management

Today’s property managers are constantly on the go and are required to keep their eye on a number of different elements; and when a security incident arises, everything can be thrown into disarray. 

One of the most common issues surrounds managing access into and within the building.  Whether it’s due to a resident getting locked out of a unit or someone moving out without returning a set of keys, access issues cause frustration for residents and are a drain on resources.  Most access control systems are now equipped with software solutions that eliminate many of these issues by placing control of the facility in the hands of the administrator or management team.  Below are three of the most common access problems a property manager experiences.  It is clear that an electronic access control solution can improve efficiency by reducing wasted time and resources.

Common ProblemPhysical Key SolutionAccess Control
Resident locked out of unitFind staff member with master keyUnlock door remotely
Credentials/Key misplacedReplace resident’s lock and issue a new keyDeactivate credential and issue new one
Resident moves out but doesn’t return keyApplicable locks must be replacedDeactivate credentials

With an access control solution, door locks and credentials for multiple facilities can be managed in one location from a desktop, or remotely through a tablet, or mobile device.  This remote management functionality allows property managers to oversee multiple locations simultaneously.

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Resident Benefits

The benefits of a well-designed access control system extends to the building’s residents as well.  Tenants can enjoy seamless access to many different areas of their building through the use of a single credential.  It’s now possible for a resident to use a fob or access card for the parking garage, unit, mailbox, and pool, among many others.

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Access Control Integrations

So many of the services that we use in our daily lives now collaborate to provide you with management in one convenient spot, and your access control system is no different.  To get the best value out of your access control system, it should be tailored to work with other systems within your building, while communicating with you easily and efficiently.  Here are some common integrations that may be beneficial to your facility:

  • Intercoms – This integration will allow visitors, deliveries, and other personnel into the building painless and secure.
  • Video surveillance – Seamless integration with a security camera system enables you to control cameras and view live and historical video footage from a single easy to use interface.  Integration pulls the two systems together to give you the bigger picture, allowing you to easily narrow down the footage you need.
  • Building managementAccess control integrates with many Building Management Systems (BMS) to control HVAC, lighting, energy, fire and elevator solutions.  Integrating the two systems provides an immediate return on investment by greatly reducing energy consumption and operating costs, as well as providing control from one centrally managed system.
  • Alarm Monitoring – Monitoring provides peace of mind by ensuring security personnel are alerted when an alarm is activated so that a response can be initiated, security guards dispatched, or emergency services summoned.
  • Security System – Integrating access control with a security alarm system allows for the arming and disarming of the security alarm with valid access credentials.
  • Elevators – When integrated with an access control system, specific floors can be unlocked based on the presented credential.  This can also be applied to situations where a credential is needed to call the elevator.

Ensure Accessibility of Access Control Systems

Electronic access control systems are convenient, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly.  People with certain disabilities may find several types of readers hard to operate.  A keypad that requires a level of dexterity to enter a code is more challenging than a card reader.  Take into consideration if the use of certain products will be good for maintaining a balance between safety, security, and convenience for all occupants while also being compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

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