Tech Feature: DSC Power Series Neo Security System

One of the core tenets of Bulldog Fire & Security is…well, security. Nothing excites us more than a reliable, and effective security system. That’s why this month, we’ve decided to turn our focus to the DSC Power Series Neo Security System. This powerful, hybrid wired, and wireless security system is ideal for commercial premises due to its incredible range which is adaptable should your needs ever change. The wide array of security devices offered in the Neo line of products means that there’s a solution for just about any security challenge.

Power Series Products

The Power Series Neo line by DSC offers a comprehensive list of devices to choose from when it comes to protecting your business. From control panels and keypads, to PowerG-enabled devices and communicators, your entire property will be covered with Power Series Neo. It all starts with the control panels which allow for easy installation – meaning your security system will be up and running quicker than with a traditional security system. Power Series Neo also offers a selection of wired or wireless keypads that can be installed wherever you may need them. With wireless range reaching up to a possible 2000m (6500’) without the assistance of a repeater, there are virtually no hurdles when installing a wireless Power Series Neo keypad like the 7” TouchScreen Alarm Keypad with Prox Support. This fully touchscreen keypad is one of the cooler options in the Power Series line. It’s responsive, easy to use and understand with on-screen icons that indicate their unique functions. Plus, wireless options cut down even further on installation times, and the battery life of a Power Series Neo devices lasts up to seven years, requiring less service time.


Not only does the wireless capability of the Power Series Neo line cut down on installation times, it’s also reliable and offers unparalleled security. These DSC devices utilize PowerG 2-way wireless communication. PowerG is multichannel and ‘frequency hopping’, so your devices can automatically hop to the most powerful frequency available, always staying connected. The Power Series Neo line of devices are also equipped with high transmission ranges, so keypads and accessories can communicate with a control panel that’s within 2km (1.24 miles) line-of-sight. PowerG devices are also certified with the ULC Wireless Commercial Burglary Listing, the highest level of certification within Canada for commercial type applications. Not only are the devices more convenient, they’re more secure as well.

Features & Accessories

On top of everything else, the Power Series Neo line also has a ton of accessories to make your life easier. Programmable key fobs allow you to quickly arm and disarm your system. Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors indicate and warn of potentially life-threatening incidents and are fully wireless, and wireless door and window contacts inform you when someone is attempting to gain access to your building. All of these products assist in keeping your property as secure as it can possibly be. The Power Series Neo Line of devices also offers a smartphone app so authorized users can control their system as if they were on the premises, but from anywhere in the world.

The DSC Power Series Neo is one of our favourite security systems because of the sheer number of ways it helps protect our customers and their assets. The wireless capabilities of the devices and their accessories allow for easier installation, and the reliability of PowerG technology instills confidence in the devices’ security (the fact that they’re sleek and low profile doesn’t hurt either). If you want to talk about upgrading your current security system to one that utilizes the DSC Power Series Neo, send us a message using the contact form below, or by calling us at 1-(866)-670-1590. We’d love to help keep you fully covered.

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