Tech Feature: The Bosch G-Series Control Panel

Isn’t it great when things just work? Nothing makes us happier than when we’re able to set a customer up with a system that can integrate their suite of devices and make their lives easier. That’s why we’re really excited about the Bosch G Series control panel. These panels allow for full integration of security and access control with one interface, as well as the ability to integrate future security related technologies which might you might need in the future. The system’s integration is doubly important when you consider that it’s meant to be implemented in larger scale facilities like schools or shopping malls. Often, buildings of these sizes require multiple access points, keypads, and even associated cameras to ensure round-the-clock protection, which in turn would require multiple panels to control the devices, but the Bosch G Series panel strives to add convenience to your life by putting everything in one place.

What it Does

Say you have a warehouse that deals with sensitive materials. You require your staff to enter through a locked door, but you want more than a simple lock and key set up. The G Series control panel works with access control, so your staff can be outfitted with cards or key FOBs that unlock the door and disarms the security system. You’re able to track who’s entering your building, and there’s no need for someone to enter a code every time they arrive.

The warehouse also needs regular deliveries, and you want to make sure that your loading dock is secure. The control panel can integrate with Bosch’s analytic equipped IP Cameras, which are capable of so much more than recording video. Not only will the cameras survey their designated location, in conjunction with the control panel, they can also alert someone on staff that a delivery is arriving either from the panel itself, or through a push notification sent directly to their mobile device. This same associate can monitor the video feed remotely and lock and unlock the doors as necessary right from Bosch’s Security Control app! If you’re in need of even more security, IP cameras with advanced video analytics can create multiple zones in one video feed, allowing you trigger events like a light above an appropriate door when someone arrives.

Why We’re Excited

Not only is this control panel capable of integrating several of your devices into one convenient place, it’s able to do so on a large scale. The control panel supports up to 599 input points, 32 access doors, 32 keypads, and 32 separate areas. That means that one central unit can support 32 smaller systems. That’s an incredible feat that makes it the perfect system to use at sites like schools, warehouses, malls, or big-box retailers.

Bosch has also done the work to future-proof the panel. The control panel includes a built-in ethernet port, so it can be wired right into a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) for easier integration to other systems. It’s also outfitted with a built-in USB port which is used for local programming. Plus, it has modular telephone and cellular communication slots, which make the panel adaptable in the event of a site needing to utilize something like 5G cellular communications when the time comes. These features on a panel capable of controlling such a large area make the G Series control panel truly stand out.

If your facility is in need of a control panel, don’t overlook the Bosch G Series. Its capability to integrate your devices and adapt to technology that might be a future necessity is impressive and important, especially if you need to cover a large area. The convenience of controlling your devices from a central hub – or from your phone – is invaluable and will make your operations much more convenient. For more information on the Bosch G Series control panel, contact us using the form below, or call us at 1-866-670-1590. We’d love to talk about how we can keep you fully covered.

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