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Like many other facilities that handle sensitive products, cannabis security requirements are very complex.

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The Bulldog Fire and Security team has an in-depth understanding of:

The legalization and regulating of cannabis in Canada has caused an explosion of activity in the industry in just a short time. Over that time, we have seen the number of production facilities increase dramatically, as well as their security needs, now to include the needs of legal dispensaries as well. The evolution of the legalized cannabis industry has resulted in a need to educate cannabis facility operators on their security needs.

Services and Solutions

Bulldog Fire and Security will work with your Security Consultant, safety, construction, and operations teams to develop a system that will ensure that your facility is secure and meets all regulatory criteria. We know that your investment is hinging on the security being completed in a timely and accurate fashion. Bulldog Fire and Security will work side-by-side with your team to create honest timelines and ensure a smooth installation process to help you achieve your security goals. We know from experience that communication is key, and we will strive to maintain regular communication before, during, and after the installation process. A comprehensive system may include elements such as Security Gates, Access Control, Security Cameras/Video Surveillance, and an Intrusion Alarm System.

Access Control

Cannabis regulations indicate that access to areas where cannabis is grown, stored, or handled must be restricted to staff who are required to work in those areas. Access control systems can be utilized with both interior and exterior doors, and are scalable so that they can change as your business grows.

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

The perimeter of your facility as well as all areas where cannabis is produced, stored or handled must be monitored at all times. A networked security camera/video surveillance system throughout the interior and exterior of your building is a requirement in order to satisfy the requirements by capturing and recording data 24/7 to protect your staff, products, and building.

ULC Listed Monitoring

A ULC Listed Monitoring Station acts as a set of eyes to provide your building with 24-hour coverage that will alert you and the appropriate emergency responders of any alarms or emergencies.

Integrated Security Solutions

An integrated security solution brings together all of the elements of access control, security cameras, and intrusion systems in a collaborative way to maximize the capabilities of your system. Through integration, you can receive video clips, notifications, and user insights.

Data Communication and Structured Cabling

Complete end-to-end certified networking solutions for your IT structured cabling needs for computer terminals, scales, and wireless access points ensures that your operations not only function smoothly, but area also secure from possible compromise.

Our Process

Each project we undertake begins with a full review of your site and operations in conjunction with your consultants and contractors so that we can design the perfect solution for you. This collaborative effort is part of our dedication to working with you ever step of the way to ensure that your facility is compliant so that you can get your business up and running quickly. This collaboration will include:

  • Threat Risk Assessment
  • Security Site Plan
  • Security Floor Plans
  • Separate Secure Storage Security Plan
  • Description of Security Plan
  • Detailed Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Resume of Suitable Quality Assurance
  • Security Background Checks

Changing Current Security Providers

If you’re not happy with your current security provider, Bulldog Fire and Security can work with you to take over your existing security system. Items to ensure you have to assist in the switch include:

  1. Check You Current Contract – Determine if you own your existing equipment and check the cancellation terms with your current provider.
  2. Verify the Make & Model of Your Existing Alarm System and Devices – Determine the make and model of your existing security system and devices. You can typically find the manufacturer’s name on the devices themselves.
  3. Determine Your System’s Communication Method – We will also need to know how your alarm system is currently communicating with your provider. This includes methods such as IP, cellular, or phone line just to name a few.

We will review all of this information with you during a scheduled site visit with one of our Customer Service Representatives. To schedule your site visit, call us at 1 866 670 1590, or email

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Cannabis Micro Cultivation Security Needs

A micro cultivation licence applies to indoor or outdoor facilities with 2100 square feet of total canopy space, which includes multiple surfaces. These licences allow these facilities to grow cannabis and sell to a licensed third party, direct to provincial distributors, or directly to medical patients who have the proper medical documentation.

Micro Cultivation Licence Applications

Similar to the licence procedure for a large facility, the application requirements are very detailed. Extensive details around the facility and its operations need to be submitted to Health Canada including (but not limited to):

  • Floor plan
  • Site and physical security design
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Security clearances
  • Corporate structure
  • Site survey
  • Filed notices with local authorities

Micro Cultivation Security Requirements

Similar to larger producers or dispensaries, facility security is an important part of receiving and maintaining a micro cultivation licence. However, compared to large facilities, a micro cultivation licence holder will have to abide my fewer security requirements.

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Bulldog Fire and Security has the expertise to navigate the complex needs of your cannabis production operations. We pride ourselves on using innovative, cutting edge technology to build customized solutions for our customer’s unique businesses.

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