Burglar Systems

Burglar Alarms are designed to help keep your property and its inhabitants safe.  Bulldog Fire and Security installs customized security solutions that are scalable, easy to use, and ideal for commercial or residential buildings.

Our certified in-house technicians will install and service your burglar alarm system.  This ensures quality service by knowledgeable technicians who know your system and products.  Additionally, all of Bulldog’s systems are monitored in our ULC-listed, Five-Diamond Certified alarm monitoring station.

Our Systems Are Ideal For:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Small, Medium, and Large Businesses
  • Residential Buildings

How Does My Commercial Intrusion Alarm System Work?

Your Burglar Alarm System will be customized by one of our trained Customer Service Representatives, who will come to your site to determine what level of detection you need, what devices will satisfy your needs, and what type of monitoring system you will need.  Based on that information, your system will be designed and installed by one of our Canadian Security Association trained technicians.  All of our equipment is ULC-approved to ensure the highest quality.  We work with a variety of security monitoring devices including door contacts, glass break devices, beams, keypads, and much more.  These devices work in conjunction with a control panel, which act as the brains of your system.  These devices can be hard-wired or wireless depending on the best solution for you and your facility.

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How Does My Commercial Intrusion Alarm System Communicate With The Signals Receiving Centre?

Depending on the level of technology available in your building, your system can be monitored using phone line, cellular, internet, or DVACS.  For higher level security systems, Bulldog can combine these methods of communication in the event of an alarm.

Will You Dispatch the Police?

Bulldog Fire and Security will work with you to develop your alarm response protocol.  By doing this, we will reduce false dispatches of the police while staying within the guidelines of the Alarm Response Policy of your region.  Different Police Departments require response protocol, and we will work with you to ensure that your system meets these requirements to ensure best possible response.  Bulldog typically recommends Enhanced Call Verification for alarm systems to minimize false dispatches.

Can You Perform Video Verification Of My Intrusion Alarm System?

Bulldog Fire and Security can provide video verification on alarms received from your building.  In order to do this, Bulldog requires detailed mapping of your CCTV cameras so that in the event of an alarm, our monitoring station can view those cameras and see if there is a valid alarm at your site.  In some cases, intrusion alarms can be streamed into our automation software.  Video verification of intrusion alarms has been proven to increase criminal apprehension as the verified alarms are often given priority by police departments.

Can I Get Updates From My Alarm System On My Phone?

Bulldog Fire and Security has partnered with Alarm.com to provide Interactive Alarm Monitoring services, which includes home automation, remote arming and disarming, thermostat control, video surveillance and much more, all managed through an app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  This service is ideal for both the home user  business uses.

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