Paging Systems

Paging systems provide reliable communication across many different types of applications.  Bulldog Fire and Security can provide you with a customized solution that can include mobile paging systems such as pagers or two-way radios, intercom communication, or nurse calls.  Paging systems can be an integral part of your business’ security network. With paging capabilities, you can rest assured that you and your security team will never be left out of the loop in the event of an emergency.

Bulldog Fire & Security offers its customers paging solutions designed to keep your team constantly connected, so you’ll never miss an important event at your building.

Mobile and Intercom Paging Solutions

A paging system is designed to keep you constantly informed of the safety of your assets, even when you’re not on the premises of your building. Should a break-in or other event take place, your pager will be notified in addition to the alarm system being tripped and the proper authorities notified.

Paging systems are handy to have while on the premises as well. With a paging or intercom system installed in your building, your security team will be in constant control. Notifications about break-in attempts or other irregularities are handled automatically in real time, meaning that communication is always five by five.

Nurse Call Solutions

Paging systems can also be utilized in the health care field. Nurse call paging systems allow patients in critical condition to seek assistance by simply pressing a near-by button. This means that a health care professional is never out of reach if one of their patients is in need.

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