4 Ways To Reduce False Fire Alarms

Occasions of false fire alarms where the fire department is unnecessarily dispatched pose a large safety risk for firefighters, and could leave you with a hefty fine from the fire department.  As a result, it’s important for you to take steps to reduce the possibility of this happening at your building.  Here are four ways to reduce false fire alarms, which will keep your business and employees safe, while allowing the fire department to focus on real emergency situations.

1. Maintain Your System

The easiest way to prevent false alarms is to adhere to the regular maintenance of your fire alarm system.  It’s important to work with a certified fire alarm installation and/or service company to complete your regular maintenance.  These activities will include:

  • Testing and calibration of alarm sensors, such as heat and smoke detectors.
  • Simulate inputs and test the annunciators.
  • Set the alarm sensitivity.
  • Coordinate testing with the alarm monitoring company and/or Fire Department.
  • Check alarm system battery.

If you keep on top of the maintenance of your system, you’ll reduce the odds of false fire alarms at your building.

2. Plan Ahead

If you’re having construction or renovation work done at your building that can produce a lot of visible dust or smoke, such as sanding or welding, you’re at risk of accidentally setting off your smoke detectors.  In this event, it’s best practice to inform your fire alarm monitoring company of the work so they can put your alarm out of service while the work is being done.  If your fire monitoring company knows about the situation, they can help mitigate the possibility of a false fire alarm response by the fire department.

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3. Proper Installation

The fire alarm is a critical piece in protecting against the potential damage caused by a fire; its role is to alert everyone to the possible presence of a fire, and facilitate evacuation of the building.  You should ensure that your fire alarm installer meets all of the prescribed qualifications set out by the Fire Code.  Individuals who perform this work must have successfully completed the programs and courses offered by the Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA). 

4. Watch the Stove

The office kitchen is one of the most common locations for a fire to originate in a building.  In many scenarios, the smoke caused by burnt food is the culprit, triggering a false fire alarm.  Staff should be reminded that the same safety measures they take at home should be used when cooking in the office.  This may also mean implementing policies specific to cooking and eating areas that ensure workers are preparing food safely.

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False fire alarms are a problem that adds stressors to the fire department, and has the potential to cost you a significant amount of money in fines.  By following the tips above, you can lessen the odds of this happening. 

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