Is Access Control as a Service Right for You?

One trend we’ve seen emerge lately is the as a Service business model (XaaS), which allows you to pay for services on a subscription basis. Whether you’re talking about extra data storage in the cloud or paying a monthly fee for access to video editing software, XaaS can be a more appealing alternative to traditional, costly one-time payment solutions. It’s only natural that we see the as a Service model start to penetrate the security market. After all, we’ve already seen it become a staple of home security, and services like have started to make it a viable solution for commercial security as well. One of the next big areas of the security space that we expect to move to the XaaS model is Access Control. Access Control as a Service (AcaaS) allows for several benefits included in an ongoing subscription.

What is it?

Access Control as a Service, like other XaaS models, is a subscription-based alternative to traditional access control solutions. As such, data processing and storage is handled off-site, and there’s no requirement for a server to be built into your building. This isn’t to say that all the hardware is off-site. Card-readers and electronic locks are all still utilized, but the brains of the operation are managed remotely via the cloud. This is preferable to any business owner who doesn’t want to dedicate a room to a bulky server, plus, in many cases this is the more cost-efficient method.


While there is a monthly subscription fee associated with any XaaS model, Access Control as a Service cuts down significantly on upfront installation costs. Additionally, maintenance is commonly rolled into the subscription, which will reduce repair or check-up expenses. Remote service and technical assistance are also typically included. This is a huge plus to anyone who requires access control at many doors in a building (or several buildings depending on the scope of their operation) and wants to pay to have the services – such as: hosting, maintenance, and administration – managed remotely.

Who is AcaaS Right for?

As we mentioned, operations that are quite large in scope or scale may have a difficult time keeping up with access control data in house. Take a school board for example. With the number of faculty, not to mention students, walking through the doors – in not just one, but many buildings under one governing body – it’s a pretty major undertaking to stay on top of all those access points. AcaaS allows for remote managing and maintenance to ensure that someone is always on top of your access control so that it works as intended every time.

Luckily, there have never been more ways to ensure your business is covered when it comes to access control, and AcaaS is just one more way to ensure that your business receives the best security coverage possible. If you’d like to talk further about your options when it comes to Access Control, reach out to us using the form below, or call us at +1 (866) 670-1590 today.

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