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With smartphones as omnipresent as they’ve become, it’s easy to think about paging systems as being an antiquated thing of the past. It can even be funny to think of a slick business tycoon from the ‘90s carrying around their brick-like cellphone with a pager – or beeper – clipped to their belt. That said, there are still many industries that use paging systems to this day. Why? Because they serve a dedicated purpose, and they’re reliable. In a situation where you can’t receive cell signal or connect to the internet, your smartphone becomes nothing more than an expensive Temple Run machine. Paging systems, like staff pagers used in the customer service industry, nurse call systems, and two-way radios, allow you to stay connected when it’s most important – quickly, simply and reliably.

Customer Service

In a retail environment, you want your staff focused on customer satisfaction, rather than constantly checking their phones for messages from you or their coworkers. In this case, a staff paging system would be invaluable. Rather than send notifications via SMS, equipping your staff with a paging system will ensure that they’ll only receive internal alerts when they’re needed, so they can keep their focus on providing the best service possible to your customers.


What about people who simply can’t use a standard smartphone. Patients in long term care facilities or intensive care units may be at a disadvantage when it comes to requesting assistance, despite being in a situation where they need it most. In this case, a paging system (or nurse call system) is vital to their comfort, and well-being. A simple push-button device can send an alert to a receiver being carried by a health-care professional to inform them that their patient is in need of something. For some patients, this quick method of communication can mean all the difference.


Maybe your business requires security overnight. In this instance, it’s crucial that the security team maintain communication throughout their shift. It’s not very likely that a security officer is going to stop what they’re doing to text their partner about an incident they’ve spotted, but a paging system, or two-way radio will ensure that your security team is able to stay in communication no matter the situation. Plus, if you’re also equipped with a receiver, you won’t ever be out of the loop when it comes to your building’s or assets’ security.

It’s true that communication amongst peers has changed since the era of the pager, but paging systems still very much have a place in certain professional environments. Two-way radios, intercoms, and nurse call systems are efficient and reliable methods of communication in situations where firing off a text would be too time consuming or capricious. If you think that your business could benefit from the implementation of a paging system, don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below, or by calling us at 1-866-670-1590 today. We’d love to help build a custom paging solution to fit your unique needs.

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