4 Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Intrusion Alarm System

An intrusion alarm system is designed to keep your property, assets, and occupants safe.  However, if your existing intrusion alarm system is over ten years old, it may not be providing you with the functionality that you need.  Older intrusion alarm systems are prone to failure, and are increasingly vulnerable to the activities of today’s tech-savvy thieves.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your intrusion alarm system, check out these four reasons that you should consider updating your intrusion alarm system today.

1. Improved Functionality

Before the adoption of wireless technology into the security industry in the late 1990s, intrusion alarm system devices communicated with their control panels through the use of hardwired connections that could be vulnerable to tampering with by intruders.  Wireless technology not only meets the level of security provided by hardwired connections, it also gives integrators incredible flexibility when installing an intrusion alarm system, especially in large buildings.

Additionally, many security product manufacturers and service providers, like Alarm.com now provide customers with additional interactive monitoring services allowing them to control building operations such as:

Unlike an outdated intrusion alarm system, the alarm monitoring service feature can be managed centrally for one location or multiple locations through an app on your mobile device or tablet. 

2. Dated Technology

An intrusion alarm system is not a once-in-a-lifetime investment.  Similar to other pieces of technology like cars or computers, an intrusion alarm system still needs to be maintained and serviced to optimize its functionality.  Again, like a car or computer, it requires periodic investment and replacement over time.

At Bulldog Fire and Security, our Service Technicians perform regular maintenance on your intrusion alarm system and ensure you are informed of all upgrades your system needs.  This allows you to get more life out of your equipment so you can enjoy the safety you deserve for years to come.  It is when your intrusion alarm system becomes and after thought, that it quickly becomes outdated and vulnerable.

3. Using Low-Resolution Cameras

image of bullet security camera

If the images from your security cameras make it difficult to differentiate a tree from a would-be thief, it is time to update your devices.  Transitioning from an analog or 720p security camera to a high-resolution device will provide you with a crisp, clear view of the area(s) you wish to observe.  Additionally, today’s cameras offer a wide variety of functionality including digital zoom, thermal and panoramic views, as well as analytics and artificial intelligence.

4. Transmission

The biggest reason intrusion alarm systems need to be upgraded is because the technology becomes obsolete and unserviceable.  Since most wireless security devices use the same cell towers as mobile devices to send and receive notifications, over time, your system will be unusable as the network it uses is phased out.

Don’t panic, your wireless service won’t just drop off one day as there is typically overlap on what networks are available to customers.  For example, 2G technology is forecasted to be phased out in 2020, but 3G, 4G, and 5G are still available and often work interchangeably. 

Additionally, if the network your system is operating on becomes unavailable, that doesn’t mean you need to replace your entire system.  Often, you will only need to replace a small component to keep it running on a new network.

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