Access Control Solutions for Cannabis Production Facilities

According to cannabis regulations, access to areas where cannabis is grown, sorted, or handled must be restricted to employees who are designated to work in those areas.  In order to achieve this, today’s cannabis production facilities use a mix of ID cards or key fobs, and card readers to manage and track access throughout their facility.  Access control systems can be used with both interior and exterior doors, and can be built to scale as a facility grows or changes.

Health Canada Regulations

As per subsection 68(1) of the Cannabis Regulations, access to each operations and storage area must be restricted to individuals whose presence in the area is required by their duties.

Examples of principles or practices that may demonstrate compliance with subsection 68(1) includes:

  • All access points such as doors, gates, and ceiling hatches that lead into operations areas or storage areas have access control or restriction devices.  Some examples of access control or restriction devices include:
    • Proximity card readers or keypads with electric door strikes or electromagnetic locks.
    • Door lock and key.
    • Access control devices are on the door immediately leading into the operations area or storage area.  This includes cases where vestibules, air locks and mantraps are located right before an operations or storage area’s access point.
    • Access credentials or permissions are only granted to specific individuals for specific areas as required by their job duties.
      • Licence holders have a procedure in place for granting temporary access and restricted access for visitors.
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How Access Control Can Help

Cannabis production is a unique business that requires extensive security measures.  Because of this, limiting access to specific areas critical for both compliance and optimized operations.  A properly installed access control system can help your business:

  • Ensure your product is safe and meets compliance.
  • Protects intellectual property and confidential information.
  • Creates an audit trail.
  • Removes the need for traditional use of keys.
  • Deters intruders.
  • Protects your employees and customers.

Access Control for Micro-Cultivation Facilities

A micro-cultivation facility is restricted to a plant surface area that cannot exceed 200 m2, and includes multiple surfaces such as surfaces vertically arranged. 

Access Control is also required in micro-cultivation facilities, and in addition to ensuring exterior access points are secure, subsection 74(d) of the Cannabis Regulations specifies that a micro-cultivation applicant must restrict access to operations and storage areas to only those who work in those areas. 

Integrated Security Solutions

An integrated security solution can help maximize your access control solution by bringing together elements of access control with security cameras, and an intrusion system.  This collaboration can allow the user to benefit from receiving video clips that coincide with the arming or disarming of a security system.  Notifications or alerts of unauthorized access are also available, allowing for the lock down of specific areas if an intruder is detected, and/or provide users with insights on how the system is being used.

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