Tech Feature: Bosch G-Series Control Panel

Bosch is one of the largest names in the security industry, so it’s fitting that they have a panel as large and diverse as the G-Series Control Panel.  This is one of Bosch’s most advanced panels, which is approved for a combination of burglar and fire alarm applications, while also offering integrated access control and IP video. 

The Bosch G-Series Control Panel is best suited for large facilities like schools, retail centres, and agricultural facilities.  Typically these types of buildings would require multiple panels to control all of the devices needed to manage their access points, areas (partitions), and keypads.  However, with the G-Series panel, all of these touch points can come together in one spot.


The Bosch G-Series offers integrated solutions for many of the security challenges you face at your facility.  This Control Panel allows for the integration of intrusion, fire, access control, and IP video all together in a user-friendly application.

Access Control

The access control integration provides incredible flexibility in user management.  This integration allows you to provide your staff with access cards or keyfobs that can unlock the door while simultaneously disarming the security system.  Within the management system, an administrator can control permissions and track who is entering your building and accessing specific areas.  Permissions can be managed on the user level, user groups, time of day, and armed state.  These can further be controlled through a variety of automatic and manual functions driven through specific customer/expert derived scenarios. The great appeal to the Bosch G-Series access control integration is that there is no need for large door controllers to be installed throughout a facility. The G-Series panel will drive both the intrusion and access control aspects of the system.  

IP Security Cameras

The G-Series allows you to integrate directly with IP cameras through Bosch’s Video Management System (BVMS) and use them to supervise detection points in your facility.  This system comes with three main applications:

  1. Motion Detection with Video Analytics – Each Bosch IP camera features a consistent user platform for viewing and programming, and certain models come equipped with video analytics.
  2. Burglary Cross Zoning – Each IP camera can be used as a detection point allowing the camera to be used as a primary or secondary alarm.  The camera can also detect motion, record audio, and alert administrators regarding potential device tampering.
  3. Built-in Two-Way Audio – Most Bosch IP cameras feature a built-in microphone and speaker that will allow users to listen to an area and communicate with visitors or intruders.  This form of detection can also be used to generate an alarm.

Video Management

As previously mentioned, the G-Series panel also integrates with the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS).  Similar to the G-Series panel, the BVMS offers significant capacity, providing up to 20 panel connections per server.  The panel interacts with the BVMS in a variety of ways including displaying events, arming and disarming, or triggering other BVMS actions based on specific scenarios.

How This All Fits Together

The capacity of the G-Series panel and all of these integrations can be overwhelming, and you’re probably wondering how all of these elements can be used in conjunction with each other.  Here’s an example:

The warehouse at your facility receives regular deliveries, and you want to ensure that the loading dock is secure.  Through the collaboration between your control panel, IP cameras, and access control systems, your security system can alert a staff member that a delivery is arriving through the panel itself, or through a push notification sent to a mobile device.  This same staff member can monitor the video feed remotely, and lock and unlock doors as necessary, all from the Bosch Security Control app. 

Large Scale

The G-Series Control Panel’s integration capabilities are the not the only impressive qualities of this panel.  As we mentioned earlier, the sheer size is impressive.  The control panel supports up to:

  • 599 input points
  • 32 access doors
  • 32 keypads
  • 32 separate areas
  • 16 cameras per IP network
  • 8 video analytics channels per camera

This translates into one central unit being able to support 32 smaller systems.  This makes it the perfect system for sites like schools, warehouses, malls, or big-box retailers.

Future Proof

Another great feature of this panel is that it’s built for future growth.  The G-Series panel uses a built-in ethernet port allowing it to be wired into a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) for easy integration to other systems.  Additionally, the panel features a built-in USB port to use for local programming.  Finally, it also has modular telephone and cellular communication slots, which allows the panel to adapt to changes in cellular communications.

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If you have a large facility that has extensive or unique security requirements, ask your security integrator about the Bosch G-Series Control Panel.  The system’s ability to integrate your devices, and grow with your expanding needs make it an attractive option for many applications.

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