Guide to Access Control Turnstiles

Access Control Turnstiles are becoming increasingly common in public facilities both in new construction and retrofits to existing facilities.  These systems are very effective in mitigating unauthorized entry into buildings, and with the wide variety of turnstiles available, building owners are able to implement different types depending on the needs of specific areas of their building.  Additionally, they can be set up to be integrated with a building’s video surveillance system or other security devices.

What are Access Control Turnstiles?

image of tripod turnstileSimply put, turnstiles control who is allowed to gain physical access to your building.  These turnstiles come in many forms however, at the root of each method, is the ability to control who enters and exits your building through a physical barrier mechanism.

These devices are commonly used in a situation where there is a large volume of people moving through an entrance, and the credentials of each person need to be checked.  This is a major advantage of turnstiles, since it makes your security team more effective and efficient by reducing the need for them to physically verify each person.

Turnstiles are Commonly Used In

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial
  • Government
  • Military

Benefits of Access Control Turnstiles

Access Control Turnstiles provide many benefits to building owners, the three main benefits are:

  • Takes pressure off security staff.
  • Can visually deter intrusions.
  • Can be integrated with other access control and video surveillance devices.

Types of Access Control Turnstiles

Mechanical Turnstiles

  • image of full height turnstileCan exist as Tripod or Full-Height Turnstiles.
  • Card reader, pushbutton, or other authentication devices grants access and passage is allowed to only one person at a time.
  • Requires manual pushing of tripod arm or full height turnstile for entry.
  • Low-Cost alternative

Optical Turnstiles

  • Turnstiles detect passage per person and will alarm if an unauthorized person enters or exits.
  • Typically includes a card reader as part of the authorization process.
  • Performs well in high-traffic.
  • Offers a more sleek design to the mechanical turnstile.

Barrier Type Optical Turnstiles

  • image of barrier optical turnstileOften referred to as Speedlane, Slimlane, or Smartlane.
  • Includes either swinging or retracting sliding glass or other physical barrier to further discourage unauthorized access attempts.
  • Provides greater security and requires less monitoring.

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