Tech Feature: Automatic Systems BL 229 and BLG 76 Security Gate Systems

This month we took an extensive look at Security Gate Systems for commercial and industrial facilities.  From this handy Guide to Security Gates to these tips on How To Choose the Right Security Gate for your Facility, Bulldog Fire and Security has walked you through everything you need to know in order to select a security gate solution. 

Bulldog Fire and Security have been installing Security Gate Systems in Southwestern Ontario for 18 years, and we are incredibly excited about the great selection of products from Automatic Systems.  In this article, we will look at two specific applications we have a lot of experience with: the BL 229 Parking Barrier, and the BLG 76 Fenced Barrier.

BL 229 Parking Barrier

image of BL 229 security gate

Automatic Systems’ BL 229 Parking Barrier is a traditional rising barrier with a multitude of applications including parking areas, traffic management, and industrial areas.  This gate is ideal for intensive use, opening quickly (1-4 sec) to allow steady movement of authorized traffic.  This gate is also incredibly durable, able to operate in temperatures as low as -50 degrees C, and has an astounding 10,000,000 cycles Mean Cycle Between Failures (MCBF).

Construction Highlights

  • Rising arm is constructed of aluminum with a cross section dimension of 3 3/16” (81 mm).
  • Maximum free passage 19’ 8″ (6m)
  • Vertical Pivot lift opens by rotating up at one corner and pivoting 90 degrees to allow access.
  • Includes mechanical locking of arm in the open and closed position.
  • Comes with many options and upgrades.


BLG 76 Fenced Barrier

The BLG 76 Fenced Barrier by Automatic Systems takes many of the features of the BL 229 and adds the unique aluminum fence feature.  Bulldog Fire and Security have installed these in many applications where access is controlled at a single-entry point.  The aluminum fence is ideal for discouraging unauthorized vehicles and pedestrians.

The BLG 76 is incredibly durable, functioning well in many difficult climates, including extreme cold.  Additionally, the gate is ideal for high traffic industrial areas (more than 1000 passages/day); this functionality is improved by the gate’s quick opening speed.

Construction Highlights

  • Barrier Arm is constructed of 12 gauge (2 mm) thick aluminum.
  • Fence section is constructed with aluminum welded frame that holds the 9 gauge galvanised steel chain link fence.
  • Maximum free passage is 15’ 10” (5m).  Different heights and lengths are available.
  • Vertical Pivot lift opens by rotating up at one lower corner and pivoting 90 degrees to allow access.
  • Design is most suitable in industrial settings.
  • Mechanical arm locks in the open and closed position.


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