A Guide To Security Gates for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

The Importance of Perimeter Security for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

image of parking garage gateA security gate is an important piece of the perimeter security and access control for a commercial or industrial facility’s security system.  The purpose of these devices is to control access to specific areas of the complex to authorized staff members and/or visitors.  Depending on the size of the area, facilities can utilize a combination of both exterior and interior security gates.  For example, it is common for a large parking garage to have a main entry point for all cars, but also a secondary access point for reserved parking spots intended for staff or VIPs.

Common Applications for Commercial and Industrial Security Gates

Security gates are used for a wide range of applications.  For any area where access must be controlled, security gates are a critical tool to ensure only authorized individuals and vehicles are permitted inside.  Common applications for security gates include:

  • Industrial and Commercial Facilities
  • Transportation Depots
  • Airports and Port Authorities
  • Military Bases
  • Border Stations
  • Parking Lots
  • Storage Facilities

Security gates are not only applicable to commercial and Industrial scenarios, they are also often seen in residential settings, including entrances to condominium complexes and private communities.

Types of Commercial and Industrial Security Gates

For today’s modern security gate usage, there are five gate designs that are commonly used: Slide Gates, Swing Gates, Vertical Lift Gates, Vertical Pivot Gates, and Bi-Folding Gates.

Slide Gates

The Slide Gate or Rolling Gate is one of the most common gates used for security applications.  When it opens, the gate moves sideways to the left or right and aligns parallel to the fence to allow the vehicle to enter.  These types of gates are commonly found at storage facilities, and easily align with the facility’s perimeter fence.

Swing Gates

A Swing Gate moves like a traditional door would by opening at one end and swinging one way or the other to allow access.  Another option for this type of gate is the use of a double door style.

Vertical Lift Gate

To open a Vertical Lift Gate, the gate moves upward rather than to the side like the gates described above.  Using height sensors, the gate will be raised above the height of the authorized vehicle, allowing them to pass through.  This gate is ideal in areas where side spacing is more compact.

Vertical Pivot Lift Gates

image of vertical pivot lift gateThis traditional style is one of the most commonly installed gates by Bulldog Fire and Security.  This gate opens by rotating up at one lower corner, hence pivoting 90 degrees to allow access.  This design is most suitable in industrial settings.

Bi-Folding Gates

With the Bi-Folding gate model, two gates connect in the middle when in a closed position.  Each of the gates are divided into two sections on hinges, which allow the gate to fold when they open.  These gates traditionally open quickly, and are ideal for usage that requires fast entry or exit.

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