Tech Feature: Hikvision Performance Series Cameras

You know that at Bulldog Fire & Security we love talking about the new and exciting devices that we see come through our offices, which is exactly why we can’t wait to fill you in on the awesome Hikvision Performance Series cameras that we’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with. These cameras include state-of-the-art features, like: motion detection, defocus detection, and unattended baggage detection, meaning that if you’ve got them installed as part of your security system, you’ll never be left questioning what’s going on in your building.


Hikvision offers a wide array of cameras to suit every building owner or manager’s needs. The Performance series alone has six camera types to choose from, with over 30 variations of camera, including the new DS-2CD2H45FWD-IZS Outdoor IR VF Network Turret Camera. Whether you need an Outdoor Turret, Outdoor Bullet, Outdoor Mini Bullet, Outdoor Dome, Outdoor Compact Dome, or an Indoor Fisheye camera, Hikvision’s Performance Series has you covered. These cameras all come with an extensive list of features designed to help keep your assets and building inhabitants safe.

The Features

Some of the features we’re most excited for out of Hikvision’s Performance Series will assuredly put your mind at ease when it comes to the prospect of installing new cameras. Motion Detection and Face Detection can be invaluable when it comes to tracking a potential intruder or burglar that has accessed your property illegally. Unattended Baggage Detection ensures the safety of your building should a suspicious package be left somewhere. This could subvert a potentially dangerous situation. Line Crossing Detection works to ensure that you’re notified should someone enter a part of your property they’re not permitted to access. The cameras also come equipped with a Video Tampering Alarm which will sound if the device detects that someone is attempting to circumvent your recording equipment. These are, of course, only some of the features that the Performance Series of cameras brings to the table. They also offer:

  • Alarm Input & Output Support
  • Handling Exception (i.e. HDD full, HDD error, network disconnection, IP address conflicted, and illegal login)
  • Audio Exception Detection
  • Defocus Detection
  • Scene Change Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Region Entrance Detection
  • Region Exiting Detection
  • Unattended Baggage Detection
  • Object Removal Detection

These features amount to some of the most elegant cameras on the market. Whatever your security needs may be, chances are the Hikvision Performance Series has an option that will ensure the security of your building. With the features working in tandem, the cameras are like having another member on your security team – one that’s always on alert. Motion detection will alert the camera to someone’s presence. Should they try and access a location that they’re not permitted to, an alert will be sent to the proper channels, and facial recognition software will aid in determining the individual’s identity, so the situation can be dealt with accordingly.

The accuracy and efficiency, as well as the sheer number of features included with the Hikvision performance series cameras are what really excited us about them this month. If you’ve been considering installing a new surveillance system, or upgrading your existing set-up, contact us using the form below, or at 1-519-568-8909, and we’ll show you why you should be excited about these cameras as well.

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