There’s Nothing Scarier Than a Home Invader

In just a few short days, it’ll be Halloween. All number of little kids will be coming up to ring your doorbell with the expectation of fun-size (or full-size if you want to be that house) candy bars. Halloween is also the best time to curl up on the couch with a nice selection of horror movies! The air outside is crisp, the nights seem quieter…it’s the perfect time to enjoy some spooky entertainment. Popping in favourites like Halloween or The Strangers might lead you to notice a trope these films use to strike terror in their viewers; there’s nothing scarier than an invader. While we’re not often dealing with the supernatural tenacity of Michael Myers, there are still few feelings as violating or unsettling as knowing that someone who’s not permitted in your building has had access to it. That’s why we at Bulldog Fire and Security take great strides to protect your building, its inhabitants, and your assets.

Burglars aren’t typically like the invaders of your average slasher movie. They usually aren’t out to cause you physical harm and would rather invade your building when no one is around at all. That doesn’t mean they aren’t scary however. There’s a reason that we recommend all buildings be set up with some kind of security system. Without one, a burglar could make off with expensive equipment, sensitive information, or cause damage to your property that’s only going to cost you more to repair in the long run. The thought of any of these instances occurring is enough to send shivers down your spine, but there are ways to circumvent them.

One of the unsung benefits of having a security system installed is how well it acts as a preventative measure. Once the average invader spots a security camera, or notices a security keypad, they’ll decide that your security set-up is more sophisticated than they’re ever going to be (and hopefully they’ll re-think some of their life choices.)  People tend to act differently when they realize they’re being recorded, and our hope is that any potential invaders will spot your cameras – like any of the Hikvision Performance Series of cameras, for example – and leave your property alone. If they do go ahead with their plan, or somehow miss the keypad and cameras entirely, then the cameras’ real purpose comes into play, and you’ll have a video record of everything they did, took, or damaged.

Making sure your building is equipped with devices like door, window or glass break sensors, or access control are huge elements of warding off would-be intruders as well. Access control systems that use NFC readers to unlock when presented with an access card are much more difficult to bypass than traditional lock-and-key systems. If an intruder somehow managed to get past them however, your door sensor would indicate to your security system that someone is attempting to access your building after hours. This would then set off an alarm and notify the proper authorities. Generally, this alarm is enough to send an invader packing. If they try the brute-force method of coming in through a window, sensors can indicate any broken glass, once again setting off an alarm. Plus, with certain network connected security alarm systems, you can receive a notification of an incident right to your smartphone or tablet, so you never have to remain in the dark.

It’s fun to scare yourself around Halloween, but one thing you should never be scared about is the security of your building. With the right precautions, and the proper devices installed, you can make sure that nothing out of the ordinary is going on at your building. This Halloween make sure that the invaders are staying exactly where they belong…in the movies. If you want to talk further about setting up or adding on to your existing security system, feel free to contact us using the form below or by calling 1-866-670-1590. We’d love the opportunity to help keep you fully covered.

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