Keep Your Business Secure During the Holidays

The holiday season is typically a time of year that many businesses close operations, allowing employees to be away for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, this can also mean that would-be thieves seize on the opportunity to break into empty businesses to commit theft.

To keep your business safe and secure during the holiday season, follow these tips and best practices.

1. Check & Test Your Security Systems and Devices

If your facility will be closed over the holidays, or will have different hours of operation, it’s important that you test your security system, devices, and fire alarm to ensure they are working and reporting properly.  Be sure to complete this task in advance of any business closures to allow for time to make adjustments or repairs.

2. Check for Obstructions

Many businesses get into the holiday spirit by putting up decorations around the office.  If this is done at your facility, be mindful of where decorations are hung so they do not negatively impact your security system.

Anything that could potentially obstruct security cameras or motion detectors could trigger false alarms or compromise your security system should you have a break in.  Additionally, ensure that larger decorations outside of the building don’t create potential hiding spots for thieves walking around your property.

3. Update Your Emergency Notification List

It’s common that your company’s emergency call list may change during the holiday season.  Because of this, it’s important to notify your security and/or fire monitoring provider of any special holiday hours, and ensure that they have an updated call list in the event that any alarms go off in your absence.

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4. Make Sure Your Facility is Properly Locked and Armed

Ensuring that you lock the doors may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s particularly important to be diligent about this when your building will be empty for an extended period of time.  It is recommended that all exterior doors and windows are checked and secured prior to leaving for the holiday break.

If your facility utilizes an access control system, you should double check any schedules that may automatically disarm any doors on specific days and times.  These schedules should be shut off or modified so that the building is not left unlocked an unattended by accident.

5. Be Aware of What Can Be Seen Through the Windows of Your Business

If your business is closed throughout the holidays, we encourage you to be aware of what can be seen inside the building from the street or sidewalk.  Don’t show too much merchandise or highly valued items that can tempt thieves to do a quick smash and grab.

6. Unplug All Unnecessary Devices

Before your staff leave for the holidays, ask them all to inspect their work space and unplug anything that isn’t required to be running while the building is closed.  This simple task can protect you in the event of an unexpected power outage or surge, ensuring you don’t come back in January to damaged or destroyed electronics.

7. Take Precautions to Prevent Pipes From Freezing and Bursting  

The risk of freezing and bursting pipes increases this time of year as the cold weather makes itself known.  While away, set your thermostat to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius).  Additionally, you may also want to consider turning off the water.

As an additional safety measure, speak to your security system provider about installing a low temperature sensor that can notify you when internal temperatures have dropped too low.

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Incorporate these safety tips this holiday season so you can leave your business with peace of mind that it’s protected. 

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