Video Surveillance Solutions for Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are very unique and can host a wide variety of businesses, which in turn, can create many different security scenarios based on their operations.  A video surveillance system is a helpful tool that can be used to help property managers keep their facility, tenants, and visitors safe from internal and external threats.

Improving Commercial Property Security

A properly installed and managed video surveillance system has the ability to assist a commercial property to:

  • Deter theft, crime, and vandalism
  • Capture evidence if an incident were to occur
  • Ensure building occupants comply with building security and safety rules
  • Manage remotely from mobile device or tablet; ideal for a person on the go
  • Review footage and identify performance efficiencies


1. Peace of Mind

When you have video surveillance and intrusion alarm monitoring in your building, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you’ve invested in the sort of solutions that will help mitigate any potential problems stemming from incidents at your building.  This can range from anything from break-ins to slip and falls to damage to cars or your property in parking garages.  In such situations, proper video recording can be all the difference between averting costly damages and incurring huge costs.

2. Quick & Prioritized Response

When a video surveillance system is monitored through video verification, you receive an additional layer of protection by sending video clips of alarm events to your computer or mobile device.  If applicable, this integration can also send video clips to your security monitoring station to act on.  This functionality is an incredibly valuable tool that provides you with the ability to determine what caused the alarm, reduce the possibility of false alarms, and allows you to benefit from the quick dispatch of the appropriate emergency responders.

3. More Effective Emergency Response

When working in tandem with your building’s security system, a property manager can receive push notifications on any security event that they wish, while also providing you with critical data that will enable you to make decisions to improve your building’s security and efficiency.

4. Integrate with Other Systems

Integration has become a vital part of many buildings’ security system.  Today’s security integrators take a multi-pronged approach to security that brings together video surveillance, access control, and security systems to build one complete security solution.  Video surveillance is an increasingly popular method of security for today’s buildings, and there are many different integrations that will work in tandem with video surveillance that will enhance your overall building security’s functionality including: access control, security system, mobile apps, and video verification.

Types of Cameras

image of bullet security cameraThere are a multitude of security cameras available with many different features and functions to meet your desired needs.  Five of the most common security cameras used today are:

  • Dome Security Camera – This camera is held in a discreet dome enclosure and can be easily mounted to the ceiling or wall. The dome security camera is very versatile, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Bullet Security Camera – The bullet security camera is named after its bullet-shaped housing. This camera is best suited in areas with poor lighting, and is primarily used in outdoor applications.
  • PTZ Security Camera – A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security camera gives the user control of the direction and zoom through its user software. The PTZ is ideal for covering large areas that may required you to pan across for in-depth investigation of high-profile areas within the customer’s site.
  • Turret Camera – Utilizes a ball-and-socket style design that can swivel and zoom, but once positioned is static. Turret cameras offer strong night vision, and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Box Camera – This camera provides a wealth of options in terms of the types of lenses you can use. Box security cameras are most commonly used indoors and can be installed in many different locations.

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