Top 4 Security Camera Integrations

Integration has become an important piece of any facility’s security system.  Today’s integrators now take a multi-layered approach to bring together video surveillance, access control, and intrusion to build one comprehensive security solution.  In today’s article, we are going to concentrate specifically on surveillance cameras, and their contribution to the overall “integrated security system”. There are many types of integrated security and/or building features that use surveillance cameras in combination with another form of building security that can enhance your overall building security’s functionality; here are four of our favourites.

1. Video Verification

Video verification gives you another layer of protection by delivering video clips of alarm events to your PC or Smartphone, or even one step further, to your security monitoring station who may provide the video verification service for you.  This functionality is a valuable tool that allows you to easily determine what caused the alarm, reduce false alarms, and allows you to benefit from the quick and direct dispatch of the appropriate emergency responders.

2. Mobile Apps

Today, most security camera manufacturers have an app for their devices that allows you to view your property’s camera footage from anywhere.  A properly installed mobile app will give you the ability to stream high-quality video directly to your smartphone or tablet regardless of where you are.

3. Security System

When your security cameras are integrated with your security system, you can take advantage of a wealth of features that capture video footage of a variety of security events.  An integrated system ensures that you receive notifications on events that you determine to be important, and provide you with data that can be utilized to improve building security and efficiency.

4. Access Control

When your security system and access control are integrated, it provides a higher level of security and safety for your facility.  Integrating these two systems will enable you to monitor exactly who is accessing areas of your building and when, by providing a visual record of each granted access.  Having the ability to capture and review an incident that is triggered by your access control system in real time or after the fact, is an incredibly beneficial feature. The knowledge that access system triggered events are also visually recorded promotes accountability and deterrence.

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