How Workspaces Will Change After COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how and where people do their jobs.  As we begin to see businesses slowly reopen, many of them are now struggling with how their work spaces will need to be reconfigured to ensure worker safety.  In fact, workers who are looking forward to returning to the office should be prepared for a wide range of changes and new protocols.  Many workplaces are adopting changes that will include a greater distance between desks, mandatory masks, or shiftwork, just to name a few.

Office Layout Changes

One imminent change for many offices is increased spacing between desks.  Existing offices will need to be transformed to adopt the two-metre (six-feet) rule to ensure government directives can be observed.  In some extreme cases, workers can expect fewer desks, with empty spaces between them, divided by high plexiglass walls.

In addition to maintaining the physical distancing of workers, many organizations will need to determine protocols to discourage the sharing of telephones, keyboards, desks or work stations.  Other considerations for today‚Äôs offices include the total number of workers in the workspace, having staff work remotely as much as possible, and restricting access to the building to only essential personnel.

For more directives from the Ontario Government, CLICK HERE

Structured Cabling Infrastructure

What many offices may overlook is the impact that layout and retrofit changes may have on their structured cabling infrastructure.  Structured cabling is the telecommunications cabling infrastructure that exists in an office building or facility.  It is this system that connects PCs and servers to the network, in addition to being used to connect printers, phone systems, and security features including IP security cameras and wireless access points.

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