Tech Feature: AXIS P3807-PVE Panoramic Network Camera

As we mentioned earlier this month, panoramic security cameras give you the ability to view wide areas with incredible image quality and broad functionality.  One camera that executes this incredibly well is the AXIS P3807-PVE Network Camera.  Featuring four sensors built into a single camera, along with seamless stitching of all four images, this camera is able to provide exceptional coverage over large areas.

Image Quality

The four built in sensors is a major differentiator between the P3807-PVE and other panoramic cameras.  Additionally, the Forensic WDR and Lightfinder functionality ensures that the image stays clear regardless of light conditions or time of day.   Finally, the use of the Axis Zipstream technology allows you to capture high quality images using minimal storage and bandwidth.

Viewing Area

The AXIS P3807-PVE gives you a 180-degree horizonal coverage along with 90-degree vertical coverage, allowing for an expansive viewing area.  In order get a full 360-degree overview, you will need to utilize a dual camera mount to mount two AXIS P3807-PVE cameras back-to-back.  This feature provides extensive coverage of an area, allowing you to monitor people or vehicles over great distances.

Reduced Costs

The AXIS 3807-PVE provides you with the ability to capture four images through one camera while only acting as a single camera in your video management software (VMS).  This allows you to combine four images into one and apply analytics across the entire image.  Additionally, only having one camera allows you to save on installation time, cabling and licensing.

Installation Options

The AXIS P3807-PVE comes with a wide selection of mounting options to address your needs.  Select from:

  • Recessed
  • Flush
  • Pendant
  • Back-to-back

The variety of options gives you the flexibility to mount on walls, ceilings, or in a corridor.  All of this comes with weathershield protection to guard against inclement weather like snow or rain.

Technical Highlights

  • Resolution: 4320×1920 to 480×270
  • Lens: Fixed 3.2 mm, F2.0; Horizontal field of view: 180 degrees, Vertical field of view 90 degrees.
  • Power: Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af/802.3at Type 1 class 3 Typical 7W, max 12.9 W.
  • Forensic WDR and Lightfinder technology
  • Multiple installation configurations: recessed, flush, pendant, back-to-back.

CLICKHERE to download the P3807-PVE Datasheet.

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