Changes to Hamilton Police Services Response Program

Recently, the Hamilton Police Service announced an amendment to their Alarm Response Policy.  As of September 1, 2019, a “Verified Response” requirement will come into effect.  As a result, the following modifications will be made:

  • The Hamilton Police will not respond to alarms that are called into the dispatch that do not include verification.
  • Verification of the alarm must take place before calling the Hamilton Police Service.
  • The Hamilton Police Service will no longer respond to alarms where only one zone has been activated unless it accompanies further verification.

What is Verification?

Verified response has been defined by the Hamilton Police Service as “the requirement of validation that criminal activity is occurring/has taken place OR there is imminent threat to personal safety prior to requesting a police response.”

As of September 1, 2019, Hamilton Police will respond only if:

  • Multiple zones are activated
  • We have audio or video confirmation of criminal activity
  • Witness of criminal activity

It is noted that panic, duress and hold-up alarms will continue to be dispatched without verification however, false alarm charges may apply.

Reducing False Alarm Responses

This change comes in an attempt to reduce the number of false alarms that the Hamilton Police Service responds to.  Verified response has already be effectively applied in neighbouring regions, and it is hoped that a successful implementation will allow for the effective deployment of police resources and a reduction in false alarm fees being charged.

Some of the regions with Alarm verification in effect include:

  • Toronto Police Service
  • Niagara Regional Police
  • London Police Service

To assist with this change, Hamilton Police Services have released “False Alarm Prevention Tips”.

Any questions regarding the Verified Response Program policy should be directed to the Alarm Program Coordinator, Ms. Karen Derry at 905 546 4718 or email

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