Guide to Panoramic Security Cameras

Panoramic security cameras give you the ability to view wide areas with incredible image quality and broad functionality.  These cameras can be used to monitor activities in large areas, track the flow of people, and improve overall area management.  Additionally, because of its wide viewing area, one camera can play the role of multiple static cameras. Use this Guide to Panoramic Security Cameras when considering them for your next project.

Types of Panoramic Security Cameras

Single-Sensor Panoramic Cameras

A single-sensor panoramic security camera utilizes a fish-eye lens that creates a semi-circular image of a wide region below the lens of the camera.  When this camera is mounted on a ceiling, it will give you a full 360-degree overview of the area you are observing.  The camera uses de-warping software that allows you to zoom in on specific areas while still maintaining image integrity.  Additionally, the de-warping software will allow you to take a 360-degree image and break it out into individual scenes like you would see if you were using one camera.

Alternatively, a single-sensor panoramic security camera that is mounted on a wall will give you a 180-degree view of an area.

panoramic image of hotel lobby

Multi-Sensor Cameras

A multi-sensor panoramic security camera typically has three to four lenses within the camera sphere.  The camera then stitches together the different video footage from each lens to form a single image.  This allows you to look at both single images from a 90-degree lens as well as the full stitched image.

Multi-sensor panoramic security cameras are designed for 180-degrees of coverage but can cover up to 360-degrees.  Because of the multiple lenses, each viewing stream can be set up individually for optimal viewing.  This offers you many customization opportunities when setting up the camera to capture a specific area.

Multi-Directional PTZ Cameras

Multi-directional PTZ cameras allow you to maintain a 360-degree overview with the ability to control direction and zoom to capture specific events.  Although this camera can provide you with wide coverage, it will only capture the area in which it is directed at any one time.

panoramic image of airport terminal

Advantages of Panoramic Security Cameras

  1. Incredible Coverage – A panoramic security camera provides you with the potential for a 360-degree field of view.  This type of coverage will allow you the option of replacing multiple fixed-lens security cameras with one that will cover the same area.
  2. Reduce Costs – A single panoramic security camera can monitor large areas that would traditionally be covered by multiple fixed-lens cameras.  Utilizing one panoramic camera will save you the cost of installing multiple fixed-lens cameras.
  3. Reliable Performance – Today’s technology allows you to get the 360-degree panoramic view without any image distortion, ensuring image integrity and eliminating possible blind spots.

Common Applications

  1. Retail – a panoramic security camera is ideal for in-store surveillance in retail or grocery stores.  The camera provides overview coverage, monitors multiple areas of interest, and is used to track people throughout the store.
  2. Airports & Municipal Buildings – Large waiting areas, customs queues, and entry halls are easily covered by a panoramic security camera through large area overviews and targeted areas.
  3. Warehouses – A storage warehouse that would require multiple fixed-lens cameras in each aisle but, can be easily monitored using a panoramic security camera.

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