Security Camera Solutions for Cannabis Facilities

Cannabis security requirements are unique, and must be followed closely to ensure you receive or maintain your operating licence.  According to cannabis regulations, the perimeter, operations, storage, and growing areas are all required to be monitored by visual recording devices 24/7.  A networked security camera/video surveillance system throughout the interior and exterior of your building is a critical tool to protect your staff, products, and building.

Visual Monitoring


As per subsection 64(1) of the Cannabis Regulations, the perimeter of your property must be monitored at all times by visual recording devices.  It is required that the perimeter cameras be positioned to ensure that the entire perimeter is visible, and that no blind spots exist.  Additionally, when considering which camera you will need, keep in mind that your perimeter cameras must be able to capture the presence of an individual during the day or night.

Operations & Storage Areas

Operations and Storage areas are covered under subsection 70(1) of the Cannabis Regulations, and indicate that these areas must be monitored by a visual recording device at all times.

Similar to perimeter coverage, these cameras must be positioned in a way that allows for the entire area to be monitored in all lighting scenarios.  When considering the position of your cameras, it is important to ensure that any equipment within the room does not obscure the visual monitoring area.

Grow Area

Subsection 70(2) of the Cannabis Regulations builds upon subsection 70(1) to address the grow area.  Within this section, it specifies that only the entry and exit points of the area must be monitored by visual monitoring devices.

To achieve this, each access point for a grow area must be monitored by at least one camera.  This camera can exist outside or inside of the grow area.  As well, all cameras monitoring the access points must be able to capture the presence of an individual in all possible lighting conditions.  These requirements also pertain to outdoor growing areas.

Visual Recording Devices

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Visual recording devices are covered under subsection 64(2) and 70(3) of the Cannabis Regulations.  Although they speak to outdoor versus indoor cameras, the verbiage used is very similar. 

Outdoor perimeter cameras are covered in subsection 64(2), which outlines that the cameras used must be tolerant to use outdoors.  This includes selecting cameras that are:

  • Appropriate for the location they are being used
  • Be able to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Weatherproof (not compromised by ice, water, fog, etc.)
  • Be operable in low light and dark conditions

Similar to subsection 64(2), 70(3) states that the security cameras chosen must be suitable for the conditions under which they will be used.  This includes:

  • Function in a temperature range that is appropriate for the area they are being used.
  • Weatherproof (not compromised by ice, water, fog, etc.)
  • Be operable in low light and dark conditions
  • Cameras must have a built-in night vision feature or appropriate facility lighting must be used.

Micro-Cultivation Facilities

Within the current regulations for micro-cultivation facilities, a video surveillance system is not a necessity when applying for a licence.  However, it is still considered best practice to install a video surveillance system as part of your overall intrusion system.

A video surveillance system provides you with the protection of your property, and can provide verification if an event were to occur.  A system that is designed to meet the Cannabis Regulations assures you that should a security event occur on your property, it will be captured on camera.  Additionally, having visible security cameras on site also acts as a deterrent against theft or break in.


An integrated security solution pulls together a variety of security elements, such as security cameras, access control, and intrusion alarms in a collective way to make the most of your system.  You can utilize a variety of functions through integration to include receiving event driven video clips, real-time notifications on security events, and insights on user behaviour.

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