Best Placements for Outdoor Security Cameras

Security cameras are some of the most commonly used devices used to secure and monitor a property.  A well-designed surveillance system (a collection of cameras connected to a recording and management unit) can give you the confidence of knowing that not only will security events be captured on camera; it will also act as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

One of the most important considerations when designing a video surveillance system is the location in which your security cameras are installed.  In order to provide the best possible protection, here are the five best placements for outdoor security cameras.

1. Doors

It is widely known that exterior doors are a popular entry point for criminals looking to access your building.  As a result, it is wise to install security cameras at any front, rear, or side doors to ensure all of these points are covered. Be sure to ensure that your camera is not obstructed by the swing of the door.

2. Off-Street Windows

Most thieves will attempt to gain access through windows that are not visible from the street, especially if the building is located in a busy area.  Instead, they often turn their attention to off-street windows, or those located away from the street.  Therefore, you will be well served by installing cameras that focus on these possible entry points.

3. Ground Floor Windows

As we mentioned above, windows that are not visible from the street are important to protect, but these cannot be the only ones you consider.  It’s incredibly important to utilize security cameras to keep an eye on ground floor windows.  Windows on this level represent a vulnerable access point for criminals looking for an easily accessible entry into your building.

4. Parking Lot

The parking lot cannot be an oversight when it comes to outdoor cameras.  Depending on the size of the building and the number of people who access it, there could be a big loss as a result of theft or vandalism.  Security cameras will not only protect your investment but the valuables of others too.

5. Stairwells off of Perimeter Doors

In the event that thieves access your multi-floor building, there’s a good chance they will need to utilize a stairwell off of a perimeter door.  As a result, installing security cameras in the stairwells will assist you in monitoring these areas effectively.

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Security cameras are an excellent tool to protect your property, however you must consider the correct placement in order for them to be effective.

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