How Video Surveillance Helps Protect Your Building During Shutdown

A recent report by CTV indicated area Police have seen a 45% increase in commercial building break and enters during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We may not be able to completely eliminate these types of crimes during this time; however, a professionally installed surveillance system can help you monitor your building and property remotely. 

What Is a Video Surveillance System?

A video surveillance system or CCTV, transmits video footage that is captured by your security cameras to on-site or off-site recorders.  These recorders also have the capability to display the footage on a monitor or other connected device such as a smartphone.  This capability allows you to keep an eye on your building even though you are unable to be on site.

Integration with A Security Alarm System

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If your facility also has a security alarm system as part of its security solution, it can be integrated with your video surveillance system to give you an extra level of security.  When these two systems are integrated, it allows you to capture video footage of a number of different security events.  This integration ensures that you are notified on security events that you deem are important, and provides you with information that can help improve building security and efficiency.

For more information on security camera integrations, CLICK HERE.

Benefits of Video Surveillance

There are many ways that a video surveillance system can assist you in keeping your property safe and secure, including:

  • Decrease in costs caused by false alarms and guard dispatches through video verification.
  • Deter theft and reduce the risk of property damage.
  • Possibly eliminate the need to hire a security guard service.
  • Reduce the number of after-hour employee dispatches.
  • Reduce fraudulent liability claims.

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A video surveillance system is an excellent tool to help you keep your building secure during these uncertain times.  Check out these additional articles to learn more about security cameras:

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