Tech Feature – Senstar FlexZone Locating Fence-Mounted Intrusion Detection Sensor

Bulldog Fire and Security is always on the lookout for new and exciting technology that works to help keep your business safe. At the recent Security Canada International Security Conference and Expo, we were blown away by some of the awesome technology we were able to demo, and one device in particular really stuck out. The FlexZone Locating fence-mounted intrusion detection sensor by Senstar is a truly impressive piece of technology that could make monitoring the perimeter of your facility a breeze. Able to accurately pinpoint exactly where an intrusion is being attempted in real time makes this detection sensor an exciting prospect for businesses that handle sensitive products or information.

What it Does

Senstar’s Flexzone is a fence-mounted system that detects and locates any attempt to cut, scale, or somehow get through a fence. It’s a cable-based system that uses signals generated by small movements and flexing of loose tube coaxial sensors. This means that if something disrupts the fence, Flexzone’s sensors will pick up on it. These sensors are capable of not only detecting that someone is attempting to gain access to your property, but also exactly where on the fence the intrusion is taking place. This will result in quicker action from your security personnel, as the guess-work is all but completely removed from the equation. Because of Flexzone’s advanced algorithm, its processor can distinguish between break-in attempts and environmental noise, so you won’t receive a bunch of false positives on a windy day.

Why It Has Us Excited

If your business handles sensitive materials or information, Senstar’s Flexzone could be an invaluable addition to your suite of security devices. Senstar claims that one processor is able to detect intrusion attempts of up to 600m (1968’) and can accurately detect exactly where the attempt is occurring within 3m (10’). Rather than a general alarm being tripped, the Flexzone provides your security team with pertinent information to help resolve the issue right away. The processor’s ability to monitor such a wide range necessitates fewer units, and sensors transfer both data and power so there is no need for additional power supplies.

Certified Safe

The Senstar Flexzone system has been certified by US Air Force Testing, Conformité Européenne (CE) Declaration of Conformity, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Grant, and FlexZone Underwriters Laboratory/Canadian Standards Association (UL-CSA) Confirmation of Compliance.

Additional Devices

Senstar also offers a wireless gate sensor, which acts much in the same way as the fence mounted system. This device sends a wireless signal to the processor, and detects if someone is trying to cut, climb over, or otherwise get through your sliding or swinging gate. Coupled with the FlexZone fence-mounted system, this gives your property complete 360° coverage.

We couldn’t be more excited to see how the Senstar FlexZone system works in a real-world scenario. While we haven’t had the opportunity to see the system in action under its intended conditions, we believe that it has the potential to substantially improve a facility’s perimeter monitoring capabilities. Being able to get a visual and act on the exact location of a break-in attempt is vital when it comes to keeping your valuable assets or sensitive information secure, and nothing is more important to us than that.

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