Tech Feature: Siemens Cerberus® PRO Compact

We’ve recently become a Value-Added Partner with Siemens, and we’re looking forward to working with this company to continue to serve our customers.  In particular, we are very excited about the Cerberus® PRO Compact, which is an incredibly versatile fire alarm system.  The Cerberus® PRO Compact provides impressive scalability, which allows us to customize systems for the unique needs of our customers.

Cerberus® PRO Series

Cerberus® PRO is an remarkable portfolio, which was introduced in 2011 to offer a cost-effective system that meets the needs of small-to-large or simple-to-complex applications.  The portfolio offers a full range of fire panels, detection, and management stations.

System Benefits

Cerberus® PRO Compact is a very versatile and efficient system, which includes a number of impressive features:

  • Ability to see all fire and non-fire emergency events on one display.
  • Ability to control a network of systems from one display.
  • A variety of different detectors to allow the system designer and/or installer to select the ideal product for the application area.
  • Offers remote access to complete system health checks, reducing on-site maintenance time and associated costs.
  • Fully compatible with Cerberus® PRO Advanced, Standard, and H-series devices, as well as Class X/DCLC (built-in isolation), Class A and Class B circuits.
  • UL/ULC Listed for fire (UL864 and S527) and mass notification (UL2572 and S576) in one panel.
  • Digital voice technology, which communicates 300 clear messages.

Intelligent Detection Devices

The Siemens portfolio offers many innovative features and intelligent operations.

  • Siemens devices have decision making capabilities and store data at the device, which improves reliability and communication speed.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of building environment needs.
  • Perhaps one of the most exciting features:
    • Offers the industry’s only No-False Alarm Guarantee, which provides early warning without the risk of false alarms.

Advanced Signal Analysis Technology (ASAtechnology™)

The Cerberus® PRO Compact also utilizes detectors with Siemen’s patented ASAtechnology™.  To achieve this, the detectors use a combination of infrared forward and backward light scattered technology, two separate temperature sensors, and a CO sensor to evaluate and make decisions regarding a fire threat. These features combined with the ability to customize the detection profiles to match the characteristics of more than 20 different applications gives the greatest degree of sensitivity and stability allowing us to provide the only NoFalse Alarm Guarantee in the industry.

Common Applications

The Cerberus® PRO Compact fire alarm system is ideal for many different mid-size to large facilities.  This technology provides buildings with flexible network configurations and integrations, as well as conventional and intelligent release options. The use of advanced communication outputs helps keep occupants safe and informed. 

Additionally, the Cerberus® PRO Compact is designed to grow with the facility, allowing for the ability to network with other buildings and panels.  Buildings are also able to change detectors by type or setting based on the use of the space.

Some common applications include:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Multi-Story Buildings
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Warehousing

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