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Access Control as a Service

Last year we told you about the growing trend of the “as a Service” business model starting to penetrate the security market.  Access Control as a Service (ACaaS), is a subscription-based alternative to traditional access control solutions.  Through ACaaS, data processing and storage takes place off-site, eliminating the need to have a server located at your building.  This method is ideal for any business owner who doesn’t want to or can’t house a server on site, plus, in many scenarios this becomes a more cost-effective method of access control.    

Kantech hattrix

Enter hattrix, Kantech’s cloud-based ACaaS solution.  By utilizing hattrix, a user can fully manage their facility’s access control from anywhere in the world, making it a very attractive solution for a person on the go.

hattrix allows you to choose one of three dimensions of security services:

  1. Hosted Access Control – the end user administers the system.
  2. Fully Managed Solution – Managed Service Provider (MSP) administers the system.
  3. Hybrid Solution – allows the end user to utilize different access control services to suit their needs.

The implementation of these solutions allows end users to control their security management remotely in real-time, or hand over security functions to a service provider. 

Additionally, hattrix provides a full suite of email reporting and viewing of live events to their end users. 

kantech hattrix infographic

Why We’re Excited

The “as a Service” business model is going to dramatically change the security landscape and hattrix is leading the charge in access control.  Some of the highlights include:

  • Reduction in labour
    • No need to make back ups.
    • Eliminate the need to update software or firmware.
    • No longer need to drive to the facility to unlock the building.
    • Manage the system remotely through mobile device.
  • Cost Effective
    • Improve budgeting with predictable costs.
  • Peace of Mind
    • hattrix technology is incredibly secure and is fully managed by a team of security experts.

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