The Benefits of Access Control

Whatever your business, chances are you need some way to track the coming and going of staff and guests as they enter and exit your building. A simple log-in sheet is just that…simple. It’s easy to get around, or falsify, leaving a business owner or building manager at a loss in an event of an incident or break-in. Access Control Systems are a must in this day and age for anyone who wants to maximize their business’ security and minimize any potential asset loss and/or safety concerns. However, there are multiple forms of access control, and everyone’s needs are not the same. Let us walk you through some of the benefits of Access Control Systems, and better identify what solution is right for you.


What is Access Control?


Simply put, Access Control does just what the name implies. It’s a system designed to control who has access to your building at any given time. From an administrative perspective, this is helpful in mitigating unwanted visitors gaining entrance to your premises but it’s also helpful in logging the comings and goings of people – such as staff and guests – who are authorized to be in your building. Much as we trust those who work for us, internal theft is a reality that must be accounted for, and Access Control Systems are integral in this process. Traditionally, information related to ‘who’ has entered and exited your building is stored in an on-site server, but Bulldog Fire & Security is changing this by offering data hosting services.  This ensures that the data remains safe even in the event of a server malfunction.


The use of Access Control within your building is an essential component of building security. Many businesses have employees with differing levels of security clearance within the building, and an Access Control System can see to it that only those authorized for higher-security locations are able to gain entrance, while preventing others from entering.

 What Types of Access Control are Available?



Access Control comes in a variety of forms. Perhaps you’re looking for an alternative to an antiquated lock and key set up. In this case, you could implement a Near Field Communication (NFC) reader to detect an employee’s access card when they approach the entrance to your building, or a more traditional magnetic strip card reader. Information provided by the ‘reading’ of the specific card will then be saved to a server to log who accessed your building and when. You can go one step further by pairing this system with a camera for extra security by adding a visual element. This allows you to eliminate the risk of someone using someone else’s card to enter your building. If you require even more security, consider using biometrics as credentials. Using a fingerprint, handprint, or optical scanner means that something belonging only to authorized individuals can be used to access your building.


What Are We Jazzed About?


There’s a lot to get excited about when it comes to Access Control. The futuristic tech of classic spy movies like fingerprint and ocular scanners are now a reality. It’s hard to not feel cool when you open a lock by having your eyes scanned. Most recently though, we find ourselves thinking about the Salto XS4 Geo Cylinder. Take a look:


The Geo Cylinder by Salto is a hassle-free way to add Access Control to an existing door that would otherwise be an impossibility. The Cylinder is a sleek device that works with access cards or key fobs, and installs drill-free, meaning that it’s possible to install on an aluminum frame or glass door – like those seen on many retail sites.


The Geo Cylinder is an awesome piece of technology that will help add Access Control to many businesses and large multi-suite residential dwellings that don’t want to undertake the cumbersome and expensive job of replacing doors but are looking to upgrade their current security standards.


Which System is Right for Me?


Like we mentioned before, security needs are unique to each client and application. We hope this rundown of Access Control Systems has given you a bit more insight into what you’re looking for. We do want you to know, that at Bulldog, we’re happy to customize a solution for you based on your unique circumstances. From consulting, designing, planning, installing, servicing, to hosting, let our team of experts worry about your security needs so you don’t have to.

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