Changes In Event Security

With the current FIFA World Cup underway in Russia and the recent announcement of the 2026 tournament coming to North America, security at sporting events has been top of mind for many of us.

When fans are coming to a sporting event, they want to know they are in a safe environment where they can enjoy the game.  Unfortunately, over the past few decades, sporting events have become an increased target due to their national broadcasts and the number of people in attendance.   Attacks like those that occurred at the Atlanta Olympics, Boston Marathon, and Stade de France are a stark reminder of the impact an occurrence like this can have on a mass gathering.

As a result, facilities are placing an increased focus on their security, and there are a few key areas that they can address to improve the safety of their patrons.

Sporting Event Security Best Practices

  • Pedestrian Control Systems – A properly installed pedestrian control system helps to ensure the safe movement of people through your facility or event.  These systems are ideal for situations that require controlled access, as well as providing accurate occupancy counts.  These systems can include metal detectors, turnstiles, gates, or barriers.
  • Communication with Patrons – Many facilities have begun having staff outside of the facility communicating with guests.  This methodology works with fans to let them know what to expect, provide direction, and lets them know what they can and cannot have when entering the building.
  • Staff Training – Training staff on how to handle a variety of situations, along with keeping them updated on policies and procedures is vital.  Regular training prior, during, and after events ensure staff are always ready, and allow them to improve their customer service.
  • Perimeter Security – It is a large task to keep the exterior of these facilities safe at all times.  However, through a mix of CCTV cameras, access control, and the collaboration between staff, security guards, and police, many risks outside of your facility can be mitigated.

Sporting events are a part of our culture, and fans deserve the right to feel safe and secure when cheering on their favourite team.  As security technology evolves, facilities will continue to be able to utilize a unique combination of devices and staff initiatives, to mitigate risks and improve the overall game day experience for patrons.

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