Tech Feature: Alvarado SU5000 Optical Turnstile

Access control turnstiles can play a pivotal role in your building’s security and pedestrian traffic control.  Recently, we’ve been incredibly impressed with the compact footprint and helpful integrations offered by the SU5000 Optical Turnstile by Alvarado.

Alvarado SU5000 Optical Turnstile

The SU5000 Optical Turnstile offers a slim size, making it incredibly useful for areas that don’t offer a lot of space.  This turnstile utilizes a swinging barrier to allow for bi-directional passage when integrated with the building’s access control system.  The system offers many different operational modes and features to suit a variety of applications. 

Key Features

  • Three-panel height options
  • Slim cabinet width
  • Standard and accessibility compatible lanes have same cabinet dimensions
  • Multiple lane configurations available
  • Cabinet finish and lid colouring options available
  • Unauthorized passage and presence detection
  • Configuration and custom audio downloads

Simplified Integrations

High performing integrations will provide you with incredible value.  Some of the common integrations with access control turnstiles include ensuring only those with proper credentials are allowed passage, eliminating tailgating, and providing helpful information connected to the identity, time, and date of every person who entered or exited a building.

Access Control & Visitor Management

The SU5000 is flexible enough to integrate with many different access control or visitor management systems and credential readers.  Included in the system are inputs for fire and life safety systems along with outputs for cameras, interior door locks, and alarm notification.

Lane Monitoring & Control

Alvarado’s GateKeeper software provides management of the turnstile system.  Through the use of a computer or mobile device, an administrator can make changes to the turnstile’s configurations, change modes, establish schedules, or establish special settings for unique scenarios.

Corporate Branding

Access control turnstiles are often front and centre in many facilities, which can make branding and aesthetics very important.  The SU5000 also provides some unique branding opportunities, which include:

  • Alternate lid colours and materials
  • Powder coated or plated cabinets
  • Custom etching on panels
  • Static or dynamic side panel illumination
  • Modern design blends with surroundings
  • Sleek and modern design


The SU5000 has many other available options, which include:

  • Many different barrier heights
  • Automatic barrier opening when power is lost
  • Universal reader mount
  • Floor saver platform
  • Climb over detection


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