How To Get More ROI From Your Security System

It’s incredibly important to evaluate the value that you receive from your major purchases, and your intrusion alarm system should be no different.  This article will review some easy steps you can take to ensure you are getting a return on investment (ROI) with your intrusion alarm system.

Integration With Building Services

Many people do not realize that their security system monitoring panels are equipped with output relays that can be used in collaboration with your building automation or service functions.  As an example, your security system has the capability to automatically turn off lights in the building when the security system is armed, or conversely, turn them on when the system is disarmed.  This functionality can be instrumental in saving you money on your electricity bills and improve the overall safety of the building.

Similarly, this type of integration can also control heating and cooling within the building by allowing you to adjust the temperature depending on whether the building is occupied or not.  Furthermore, through an application like, you can adjust the building temperature remotely, or receive temperature related notifications to your mobile device.  This type of functionality could prevent frozen pipes or overheating equipment. 

These are just two possible building automation integrations for you to consider to improve your security system ROI.  We recommend speaking to your security integrator to discuss all of your functionality needs and goals so they can build the perfect solution for your building.

Real-Time Notifications

The ability to receive real-time notifications from your intrusion alarm system has the added benefit to increase your ROI.  These alarms can be sent to you via email, text, or push notification on your mobile device or tablet.  These alerts can be set up to be sent regardless of whether the system is armed or disarmed.

Real-time notifications can be critical for large facilities that are required to heat or cool large spaces in order to maintain operations.  It is a common occurrence that entry and exit doors are left propped open, which makes it challenging to maintain a set temperature, thus driving up energy costs.  With real-time notifications, you can receive alerts that will notify you when a door may be left open beyond a predetermined amount of time. 

This feature can also be used to help combat product or equipment theft.  Sometimes, untrustworthy employees may prop open a door with product or equipment, enabling someone to come by and take these goods.  By knowing when a door has been propped open, you can mitigate these types of incidents.

Open and Close Reports

Your intrusion alarm system has the ability to send daily open and close (arming and disarming) signals to your security monitoring provider.  This information can be relayed to you in the form of an automated report, which can provide you with valuable insights.  This information is also available to you in real-time through apps like  These insights can be reviewed regularly to identify when your facility was armed or disarmed versus when it was meant to be, or monitor when your employees are arriving for their shifts.  This helps to ensure you are not overpaying for staff hours, which improves your return on investment.

Additionally, many building managers are not able to be on site at all times to oversee opens and closes.  The ability to compare arming and disarming times versus when a building is meant to be open or closed, helps to ensure you aren’t missing out on potential business.

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